How can your company avoid the expensive produced sheets? To control the expenses and the required results, your company can convert any special sized paper and quantity at any time with Semigo High speed servo System rotary sheeter.
Our clients have experienced with there paper consumption annually and they can make profit within one year by using High speed Servo system rotary sheeter.

Rock Printing Equipment provides the commercial services for all overseas clients of Semigo Graphic, China.

SMG 1400AT SMG 1400AT / 1700AT / 1900AT
The SMG-AT machines are effective to perform high sheeting speed and precise accuracy. The auto tension program is detailed to control the paper web tension in order to prevent wrinkle appearance on the sheet. You will have by using the ‘England’ making disc brake, a better tension performance at the paper roll feeder until the delivery.

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SMG 1400AT SMG 1400ATX
ATX type is enhance to improve the rotary blade frame by employing the cast steel design. The improvement can stabilize the sheeting process, less vibration of main cut section, and perform better sharp cut for sheeting rotation stabilization improvement.

PDF icondownload specifications