The customers of Rock Printing Equipment purchase machines and receive there requested service. The reason why we are located in The Netherlands (Europe) is easily to provide the status of the machines those are located in Europe and Africa. After the inspection our customers receive within 24 hours the pictures, videos, including the technical- and quality status of the printing samples of the machine. Most of our customers are from China. Incorporation with several companies located in Hong Kong, the Chinese printing shops getting the services, instalment, engineering support and warranty.

Loading offset machine                           Inspection offset machine

Man Roland 904-6 (1998)
Number of Impressions: ca. 173 million, CCI, Rolandmatic Damping, Auto Blanket wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Auto Roller Wash, Eltosch IR Dryer, Ionised Blowers, PPL - Power Plate Loading, Sheet De-curler, Suction Brush, Technotrans Ink Unit Temperature Control, Wekotron Powder Spray, Weko Powder Extraction, Ceramic Pan Roller, Anti-static In Feeder, Preset Feeder & Delivery.
Man Roland 904-6 Man Roland 904-6 Man Roland 904-6

KBA 162a-4 (1997)
Number of impression: ca 105 million, Color Tronic, Refrigeration Baldwin, Autoplate, CIP 3, InkZone, IR, Automatic Blanket Washers, Automatic Ink Roller Washers, Automatic impression Cylinders Washers, Non Stop, Antistatic, Grafix Powder Sprayer.
KBA 162a-4 KBA 162a-4 KBA 162a-4